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If Your Prospect Shows You…

….who they really are during the negotiation stage, believe them.


Get ahead of the competition by ensuring you are retaining maximum profits for your business
Avoid the most common profit draining pitfalls that lots of Business Owner Managers unwittingly fall into

Consider this…

When the buyer’s primary concern is who is selling at the lowest rate this week….

Or maybe… who’s got the best deal on….

Or they think ‘Let’s wait until the end of the month to buy, we’ll get a better deal then…’

And even, my favourite, ‘Let’s say this is just a test, and if we like it, you’ll get all our business, can you do this test for free…’

Then, when a customer or prospect is only interested in your prices and not your value, you can rest assured that what you offer won’t matter to them until you deliver it.

Then it will be all that matters.

You see, they’ll want your ‘Gold Service’ at nickel and dime prices…

And when they don’t get that, well, you will hear about it.

Because whatever you do, it’ll never be good enough…and they’ll find another reason to chip your margins further, or simply soak up your time, good nature, precious resources…

That’s the thing when you allow prospects to under value you and your business.

All the clues were there at the beginning, the writing was on the wall, it wasn’t good business for you to chase…

Select your customers with care if you want to keep them for a long time.

To your success…


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