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Do you Still Think Sales is a Zero Sum Game?

How to Grow Your Business and Still Make a Profit
Stop Hunting for Sales Growth in the Same Place as Your Competitors

Conventional thinking in sales growth is this:

If you want a bigger market share for your business then you have to take away sales from someone else…your competitors.

Ok, that’s one way. That way leads to reduced pricing, highly competitive and costly marketing/positioning and aggressive selling…it’s a race to the bottom.

You’ll have seen it happen. You may have even taken part in such a bun fight yourself?

There is another way, a way that’s often ignored.

It’s this:

Just make the market bigger.

That’s it…simple.

Instead of fighting over the current customer and prospect base…make that base bigger.

Then you don’t have to fight using your precious margins to prop up a position you don’t like, you can’t sustain, that’s doing more harm than good to your brand, and existing customer relationships.

Only when you stop playing the game like your competitors can you possibly hope to out perform them

To your success…


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