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Will You Meet My Brother for Coffee?

My brother’s new in town and he wants to meet new people, would you mind having a coffee/beer with him…he doesn’t know anyone, he’s been away from people for a while and he’s desperate to share his stories, and he’s kind of still to find his feet…you’d be doing me such an enormous favour…please? I owe you!

How many of you would say yes?

What’s the picture you have in your mind?

How about if I framed the request like this?

My brother is staying with me for a while, he’s in between trips – he’s just come back from Peru and he’s off to Alaska next month. I’m trying to introduce him to as many of my friends as I can in between him dashing off to London to talk about the next TV series they want him to do, anyway I really think you’d both get on…you both being the adventure/throw yourself of a cliff types. Anyway, he’s totally packed out but I’ve kept a slot free for you on Tuesday lunch if that’s good for you? Here’s a pic on my phone so you know what he looks like…I’ve told him you drink Guinness and support Villa…are you free?

Same brother…

Same picture in your head?

Probably not…and here’s why.

We like stories.

Research over many years has said that sales people who tell stories are likely to have a lower sales conversion rate.

That’s still true.

As sales people, you need to have very specific stories, relevant stories, stories that have meaning to the prospect audience.

Parable almost – a whole story in just a few lines.

How many times do you tell a story, but you’re telling it to get across the points you want. The story is for you, not your prospect.

Think about it.

5 lines of a story can be very a waste of breath and can alienate your prospect or make them want to immediately buy what you’re selling.

Make the story mean something for them. Make it relevant. Make it short. Make it educational.

A good story should make the prospect want to say ‘yes’…do your stories do that?

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