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How to REALLY Make a Positive Difference to Sales Results

Sales and Business Development Improvement - Start off with the best sales people you can find.

Business leaders do all sorts of things to prop up a failing sales and business development team.

All sorts of things.

Many of them costly.

Some of them risky.

Sometimes both.

A new CRM system with higher level of functionality, a bigger suite of reports and a more intuitive interface won’t improve your sales team….but it might make a prettier picture using brighter colours on the graph, but the sales shortfall will still be the same.

Changing the incentive program rarely has any long-term positive impact on sales results, and changing the reward and recognition program infrequently has a positive impact on profits.

Redistributing territories sometimes works.

Reviewing the tasks and functions sometimes has a positive impact, especially when you’re struggling with a hunter who’s really a farmer…but the uplift isn’t always that great, marginal at best.

Cutting costs, down grading company car allowances, reducing the ‘perks’ associated with the job, most often have a negative impact too.

Discounting to get more sales…well that’s just the start of the downward spiral.

In fact, all these things Business and Industry Leaders worry about in an effort to get better sales results and business performance is valuable time wasted.

I liken it to putting poor quality ingredients in a recipe and imagining that spices and condiments will make the dish an out of this world culinary delight.

It won’t work. You and I wouldn’t even try to make it work.

We’d just start off with better ingredients.

And likewise in business. You and I should always employ the very best sales people available.

The very best, even if you have to wait for them. Even if they are asking for a little more than you had reasonably budgeted for.

To not do this, well, it’s simply false economy.

There is a big caveat here. As there always is with absolute statements.

Employ the best sales staff that are available to you is not the same as ‘get a mediocre sales person and pay them twice what they’re worth in the hope that they will deliver twice as much as they are singly capable of.’

You’d wonder why I have to include that caveat, but believe me, I do.

Brief story – the company who employed on a basic salary of 36k + car + bonus, sales people worth no more than 18k…..the vast hike in salary didn’t mean the sales guy works harder or was worth more….the basic sales skill level, ambition, motivation, client engagement skills and intellect is the same whether that sales person is paid 20k or 200k…

So what were the firm thinking when they offered 36k? They simply believed that the job was ‘worth’ that much. See, the job was worth that much, not the person. They just had it the wrong way around.

So, recruit and retain the best sales person you can find. Always.

No amount of additional support, resources, money, management time or effort can indefinitely prop up a failing sales team.

And, conversely, a strong, experienced, committed, resourceful and professional sales team is a force to be reckoned with.

For more information on how you can get the best sales people for your business here are two free reports, simply click on the links:

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Happy Selling


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