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Your £1,263,045 Question

Average Sales Earnings 2015 - 2016
Average Sales Earnings 2015 – 2016

According to the UK recruitment specialist the average salary for a sales person working in 2015 was £36,087.

£36,087 takes account of the Sales Director salary and the inbound sales professional at the other end of the scale….so it covers all levels, as it should, since today’s inbound sales executive is tomorrow’s Sales Director (occasionally it works the other way too I guess!)

Here’s a cut and paste so you can put this in context:

Average salary £36,087
down £219 more than last year
Role £. since 2015
1 Sales Director £84,386 -£12,220 down
2 Sales Manager – National £53,623 -£707 down
3 IT Sales £47,502 £458 down
4 Sales Manager – Regional £44,791 £2,019 down
5 Direct Sales £43,428 £5,571 down
6 Sales Manager £41,859 £230 down
7 Business Development £39,431 -£546 down
8 Medical Sales £37,859 -£4,675 down
9 Field Sales £37,166 -£1,564 down
10 Account Manager £34,891 -£638 down
11 Healthcare £34,039 -£577 down
12 Media Sales £32,721 £88 down
13 Other Sales £31,622 £80 down
14 Pharmaceutical £31,067 -£8,188 down
15 Home Working £30,327 -£573 down
16 Sales Executive £29,747 -£2,889 down
17 Telesales £26,901 £2,592 down
18 Telesales – Inbound Only £22,049 £241 down

If you need the link – here it is: Reed Sales Salary Survey Link

So what’s my point?

An average is just an average

My first point is that within each of those sectors i.e. Sales Executive, Sales Manager I know sales professionals who are earning a lot more that the average and some who are earning much less than the average.

So, the average is just that. An average.

What’s it mean?

At heart I’m a scientist. I like numbers, I like patterns, I like trends and I like calculating and extrapolating, so racks of averages pull my interest, I can’t help but play around.

So what?

Here’s what.

The average sales person works 35 years (I know, some work longer, some not so long).

So based on this average sales salary – £36,087 that’s a total earning potential of £1,263,045

Of course, this sum means so much more today than it will in 35 years time. That’s a given. But even that’s not the point of really drilling these figures.

It’s this:

What About You?

I like getting the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

Because that means I can get on with another task – to get the best possible results in the shortest possible time…and, well you get the drift.

Plus: I hate waste, wasted time, wasted opportunity, wasted resources.

So when I see that figure £1,263,045, and personally, I think if you’re great at sales that’s a shockingly bad repayment for a life of running against the wall…you deserve more. So much more.

But, it’s not what I think you deserve, it’s what YOU think you deserve. But that’s for another day.

So, back to £1,263,045…three really important questions:

  • How can I get there faster?
  • How can I make that number bigger?
  • And of course, how can I get a much bigger number, much faster?

Good questions for you to think about too?

If you’re in sales, I would expect those questions to be of major interest to you.

If they aren’t then you might want to consider how happy you are in your sales role and if it’s really a career you want to remain in…but, honestly, I’m not here to give you career advice.

So, what are you doing to get to your £1,263,045 faster, or what are you doing to make your £1,263,045 bigger?

Getting big results fast is my passion.

If it’s your passion too, see if you agree with me on this:

  • Lack of time will kill even the best of intentions.
  • Skills mean nothing if you don’t max out those skills.
  • Habits outweigh skills every single time.
  • Mindset sets the goal and keeps score, but can be a lousy taskmaster.

In more detail:

Lack of time will kill even the best of intentions

Learn how to do more relevant, revenue generating activities faster, learn how to do less of what you need to do less of and more of what you need to do more of.

Say no more often than yes.

When you reset your figure from £1,263,045 to £5,000,000 be absolutely sure that you’ll need to give something up.

That sort of financial jump comes at a cost. A sacrifice. Something will have to give. It might be TV, it might be sleep-in’s, it might be pub/drinking time…

Either way when you revise you figure be absolutely crystal clear about what you will give up and commit to that decision.

Skills mean nothing if you don’t max out those skills.

Potential means nothing.

I’ve met some fantastic potential sales people.

I’ve met some mediocre sales people who kill it every single day.

Mediocre sales people who have never missed a target.

They just don’t know what failure is.

Mediocre sales people who smash it out the park every singe month.

They just work the skills they have very hard, every day, without fail.

Habits outweigh skills every single time.

Being consistently successful as a sales person relies on you being in possession of a top draw set of revenue generating, results driven habits.

One bad habit, anti revenue generating, anti results driven habit can cancel out your great, well intended revenue focussed habits.

Habits either reinforce your goals or they obliterate them.

Behind every successful result is a set of great success orientated habits performed consistently over time.

Mindset sets the goal and keeps score, but can be a lousy taskmaster.

This is the sales killer.

You mindset tells you that you want nothing to do with being average.,Your mindset spends the money before you’ve earned it….and an average payback is not enough, you want average +++

Don’t be fooled. That imaginary spending will diminish your motivation to commit.


Yep, I know. You’d think the reverse would be true.

Picturing yourself stepping of the plane into the warm air on your very own deserted island (or whatever your dream fantasy is…) gives your brain the same type of hit that your brain  gets when that event actually happens.

So as far as your brain is concerned that’s a tick. job done. Goal achieved.

Popular psychology suggests you’ll get a bigger motivational push by focussing on the pain associated with not getting your dream outcome…

Take your pick…but I know the later works for me.

So, forget about the urge to dream, try the threat of what will happen if you don’t get your £5,000,000.

If you want help along the way – check this out: £1,263,045 Isn’t Enough For Me!!

You can also take a look at this:

35 years – average sales salary = £1,263,045.

Let’s imagine you leave service length, the 35 yrs as a fixed point, now what if you increased your yearly salary by £10k, just by selling more.

That’s an extra £350,000.

Think about this:

The following shows your average lifetime earnings if you increased your salary by 10k/12k/15k etc per year over 35 years, detailing the total uplift in addition to the average based on the current yearly average salary amount.

What do you think about these projections?

10k p.a. increase over 35yrs – additional £350,000 = total average lifetime sales salary of £1,613,045 (£1,263,045 plus £350,000)

And so on for: 
12k p.a – £420,000 – total average lifetime sales salary £1,683,045
15k p.a – £525,000  – total average lifetime sales salary £1,788,045
20k p.a – £700,000 – total average lifetime sales salary £1,963,045
25k p.a – £875,000 – total average lifetime sales salary £2,138,045
30k p.a – £1,050,000 – total average lifetime sales salary £2,313,045
35k p.a – £1,225,000 – total average lifetime sales salary £2,488,045

Now for anyone NOT in sales this is a near impossibility. You can’t just simply chunk additional huge salary increases. That’s not how most industries work.

BUT it is how the sales industry works.

So, asking you if you can boost your salary by 12k per annum, whilst stupid to consider in in many jobs, is perfectly acceptable in sales, because the question is really this:

Could you modify the way you sell, your skills, your focus, your sales mindset to earn an extra 1k per month in commission?

Most sales people would say that’s possible.

Then ask yourself this:

Could you modify the way you sell, your skills, your focus, your sales mindset to earn an extra 3k per month in commission?

Or, would you be prepared to give it all you’ve got to make it a possibility?

In fact, here’s an experiment for you…

Think about your best sales bonus month ever.

What was your best salary month? The month where you sold the most and earned the most commission. How does that compare with your average sales salary?

What’s that worth to you over 35 years…versus the number above, £1,263,045?

Still think you can’t get better, bigger results faster?

The Joy of Sales

Either way, what’s blatantly obvious is that in a sales role, you can pretty much earn what you want, and whilst I’m not giving sales career advice, if you are in a role with a capped bonus scheme, leave now! You can do better!

So looking at the figures above…you can see, scaling up your average earnings over your life time is a no brainer. It’s easily done.

The question is – do you want it enough and are you prepared to make it happen?

Having the skill, the will, the habits and making the time…now that’s the bit that’ll kill you…or maybe not

P.S. if you’ve looked at this and thought ‘no chance…not possible’, just because you can’t doesn’t mean that others can’t and don’t make the leaps to get bigger results, faster…because they do…and so could you.




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