Advanced Business Achiever VIP Group


The Advanced Business Achievers VIP Group
The Most Practical, Direct and Profit Focussed Insight into Increasing Your Business Revenue In The Next 12 Months
Helping You to Grow Your Business, Maximise Your Profits and Out Perform Your Competitors so you get Business Security, Stability and Sustainability


Totally Risk Free – at no risk to you, if you are not completely satisfied after two months, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund


Dear Advanced Business Achiever, 

If you know your business can perform better than it is at the moment, if you know sales could be higher, efficiencies could be greater, growth could be accelerated, and competitors should be more fearful of you than they are….

And… if you know that despite all your best efforts in the past, your business is still not where you want it to be…yet you know in your heart it could be so much better if you could just get some insight into what to do next…

Then I can give you the tools, insights, direction and focus to address your key business issues of: –


    *   Increasing Sales – Increasing Profit – Increasing the Rate of Growth   *


How does that sound?

So…what do you need to do?

Simply be prepared to follow robust, practical strategies to address all of the above.

Strategies that have been successfully employed by business owners just like you.

Business owners who wanted just what you want, and like you didn’t know where to start…but they did know that their business wasn’t performing as well as it should be.

Next, you need to be prepared to commit to the changes you want to make and see in your business – try the strategies I outline, record your results and then, if you need, start to test and refine so that you optimise your results.

Then you need to rinse and repeat – you do this to continually improve the performance of your business.

After all, the market changes, competitors get cute, customer needs change so don’t get fooled into thinking this is a one time fix…it’s not.

You are on the road to continuous business performance improvement.

Seems like hard work? Great! It is hard work.

If you don’t like hard work, learning new ways to succeed, improve and develop or you don’t like the thought of employing all of your efforts and intellect into building the company you originally set out to, then the Advanced Business Achievers VIP Group is not for you.

For this to be successful for you and your business, you need to commit and you need to invest.

This is a commitment to your future success and a small investment in your business future, your legacy, your lifestyle.

Without a firm commitment from you, this won’t work.

If you’re not ready to say ‘enough already’ to working as hard as you do and not getting the results you want then save the details of this group somewhere safe and come back to them when you’ve got to that stage.

Maybe you’re the type of person who needs to hit rock bottom before you look for another route to success?

If you do, that’s ok, just keep our details safe for when you’re ready…

In fact, please don’t even consider joining us if you think that via the Advanced Business Achievers VIP Group you will:

1. Get mega rich super quick – you may well do BUT if you want one of those types of ‘opportunities’ then wait a few days and I’m sure you will get an email from someone who can deposit several billion gazillion in your back account for you, in exchange for your bank details of course.

2. Make the changes you need without having to be tough on some of your existing business practices…you may not be the most popular person for a while. If you’re not ok with taking some flak because you want to improve your business, then this is not for you

3. See the changes you want to make happen over night, as if by magic. They won’t. You’ll need to implement the changes, get key stakeholders on board, measure the results, fine tune, refine, redefine and measure again…

4. Gain the staying power that you’ve never had before. You see, I can give you all the skills you need, but if you can’t dig in, get strong when the rest of the business wants to revert to ‘what we’ve always done’ then, sad to say, this is not for you.

Honestly, I want to make sure every single interaction we have is real, focussed and geared entirely with your success in mind, so I hope you will forgive my bluntness here, but ….

THIS PROGRAM WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU DO…the choice is yours and yours alone  

You see, I could be one of those shoddy dodgy merchants, the ‘expert guru’ who promise you the moon on a stick just for clicking your heels and saying please three times…that’s not who I am and I don’t think that’s who you expect me to be…

In fact, I’m sure you’re in the business of getting results and anything else is ancillary?

Good, me too!

If you can agree with that, then please continue reading

Here’s the deal….

If you want to work on developing your business so you create the business you dream of…

If you are serious about changing your business performance, increasing profits, turnover and growth…committed to out performing your competitors, working niches and remaining flexible to ideas and challenges…

…And you are prepared to invest just £87 plus vat per month, plus set time aside to either join in or review our monthly webinar so you get an enhanced understanding of what to do and how to overcome some of the key challenges…

…Plus you are willing to start making the changes you need to make in order to build the business you want then please accept my warm invitation and welcome…please join us.

Click here to Join Us

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What will you get?

1. 10 Page Newsletter – covering in detail the practical steps you need to tackle to address the key issues that are costing your profit, turnover, growth and market share. Each month you get a detailed insight and step by step action points on leaks you need to plug now and how to do just that.

2. A monthly webinar where you and other Business Owners just like you are able to air their specific issues and we’ll resolve these in the webinar. It’s recorded so you’ll get a copy sent to you if you don’t manage to join us.

3. Discounts on any Advanced Business Achiever Events – held quarterly – you get 50% of the ticket price, plus variable discounts on any other courses, boot camps or private consulting sessions run by Morton Kyle Limited

4. Access to a host of Business Growth Professionals who are happy to share their wisdom, experience and expertise with you as members of the Advanced Business Achievers VIP Group.

5. And seasonally, we will send you insights, interviews and links that will help you on your journey to success, more motivational and inspirational and definitely much to be learned from these people.

Click here to Join Us

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So – what’s the cost? £87 plus vat per month – simply use PayPal or your credit/debit card. That’s less than £3 per day and it’s tax-deductible.

Guarantee As long as you remain an active subscriber – your subscription fee will remain fixed at the same rate it is today.

And Another Guarantee…..Take the subscription for 2 months and if you find it’s too much for you, you can’t get to grips with making the changes, or you’ve won the lottery….then you can cancel your subscription, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Why the money back guarantee? Because I know you won’t need it.

Can’t say fairer than that. What have you got to lose?

Click here to Join Us

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See you on the next webinar!

With my very best wishes for your great success


Director and Lead Consultant – Morton Kyle Limited

Publisher – The 7 Big Mistakes that Business Owners Unwittingly Make that Cost Them Pure Profits and Turnover …and Sometimes Even Their Business, and What You Can Do To Avoid Falling into the Same Trap

Editor – The Advanced Business Achiever Weekly Newsletter

Lead Consultant – The Advanced Achievers VIP Group


P.S. Remember – the price is held at £87 per month plus vat for those subscribing now….and will be held at that rate for as long as you remain an active subscriber. This is the lowest the rate will ever be…don’t miss out…


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Here’s what some past and existing clients had to say about working with Carol at Morton Kyle Limited:

Business Outsource Partner

I had the pleasure of working with Carol for 12 months where her contribution and direction helped deliver a double digit growth.

Carol designed and implemented a sales strategy that developed the team that ensured we were targeting the right types of opportunity, delivering the correct pricing strategy and then closing the deal at a success rate of over 80%.

Her contribution to the success of the business was excellent.


Carol is the most dynamic and energetic Consultant I have ever worked with.
She has helped me re-shape our entire sales process which resulted in a 50% leap in profits!
Carol has the flair and imagination to add measurable value to any business.
I look forward to working with her until the day she retires!

Director – Print Company

Carol has worked alongside me for six months and is still ongoing. If you want to increase your company sales, move processes forward and bring a new lease of life into your company, you need to employ Carol at Morton Kyle.

Director – Educational Supplies Provider

Carol’s skill is in raising the bar for the people she helps. She is constantly challenging them to be all that they can be; and when they cannot see it for themselves, she lifts them up and shows them the view.

So….Your FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. What do you rally have to lose?

No hassle, no pressure, no questions….don’t you owe it to yourself to prove your company is as good as you think it is?

I think you do

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