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10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition
Increase Sales Conversions, Build Business Development Power and Maximise Profits
Sales Business Development Insights to help you convert more sales with higher profits, more often

Ok, you might not hate your competitors, but you WILL hate it when they take deals from you, deals, turnover, profits and turnover that rightly belong to you.

Even sales commission that should belong to you.

Sometimes, even second rate competitors win business, often because they are a bit cuter in their sales and business development efforts, they were in the right place at the right time, they discounted so heavily the buyer would have been a fool not to sign, or simply the buyer just wasn’t aware that you even existed.

That will happen.

That’s business.

That’s why making sure you can avoid all of these situations is so very important.

You can do that here by following the 10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition.


Plus; it’s also vital that you maximise EVERY opportunity that you do uncover.

Here’s how to make sure your competitors cease to exists in your prospect’s mind. Here’s how to diminish the power and potency of your direct competitors and your second rate wanna be competitors.

In fact, put these 10 stages into play and you’ll leave your prospects in no doubt that you’re the only supplier/partner for them.

Download this free report 10 Steps to Out Sell the Competition and see how much difference it makes to your sales success.

As with everything, this stepped process will only work if you do…if you need any help and assistance in putting this into place, scroll down and book yourself a free sales and business development health check to get you started…

Happy selling

How to Create Hungry Sales Prospects (20 Ways to Price Like a Pro!)
Stop Throwing Sales Away
Boost Sales and Business Development Results by Looking at the Prospects and Pricing within your business

Have you ever looked at your marketing and business development efforts and wondered why they haven’t motivated your prospects to start banging down your doors to do business with you?

Do you ever think you’re just one of many suppliers? That it’s just luck as to who gets to the deal first?

Wake up! Don’t be THAT kind of sales person….

You can create sales proposals and business development initiatives that get the buyer thinking ‘Well, that’s a no-brainer, where do I sign?

You just have to follow these 20 steps – clearly and simply outlined in this free report –

How to Create Hungry Sales Prospects (20 Ways to Price Like a Pro)

….and if you’re struggling to get started, once you’ve read the report, you can book your free sales and business development health check, just see the link below.

If your sales results aren’t as good as you want, if your prospects aren’t snapping your hand off to sign, if you’re discounting too much and too often, if you want more customers, sales, turnover, profit, stability, security, certainty, market share, confidence…just follow the 20 steps and watch your business grow.

Of course, you have to decide how you’ll make this happen for you. You have to decide to change how you present your business, your solution and the types of prospects you decide to work with.

You’ll probably even have to review how you think about your products and your services and how they fit into the market.

Then you’ll consider if you’re really selling what you’re selling, or if you’re selling something totally and completely different.

Take a read of this report and you may surprise yourself with what your business is capable of.

Here’s the link again How to Create Hungry Sales Prospects (20 Ways to Price Like a Pro)



How to Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments Using this 6 Stage Call Structure.
How to Generate Telephone Sales Appointments - Made Easy
Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments – Simple 6 Stage Process

Gaps in Your Sales Team’s Diary?


Business appointment slots are just like hotel bedrooms – you can’t sell last nights stay today, it’s gone forever, so any blanks in your sales team’s diary are costing you money. They are hours your business can’t benefit from once they are past.

BUT…worse than that, what’s the lost opportunity cost?

What’s the gap in your team’s sales diary costing you?

You need never ask yourself that question ever again…NEVER.

Instead simply download your free copy of How To Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments now and discover how you can have a diary full to brimming with high quality telephone sales appointments simply by following this efficient and highly effective 6 stage telephone sales call structure.

Plus, find out how to handle the most common objections that prospects raise. Never again will you suffer from an empty sales diary

Download your copy now using this link – How to Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments – Simple 6 Stage Process 

For Business Owner Managers
Get ahead of the competition by ensuring you are retaining maximum profits for your business
Avoid the most common profit draining pitfalls that lots of Business Owner Managers unwittingly fall into

Not a profit and business wake-up call as much as your detective kit to acid test the performance, viability and integrity of your business.

If you find yourself nodding along when you read this report, then you’ll gain great benefit from the business performance improvement insights – all set out for you to implement in your business immediately.

This report is designed for Business Owner Manager and Directors and gives an insight into some of the most aggressive profit drains that can afflict a company unknowingly, leading to a cumulative loss of pure profit that can rapidly erode the base of a business, its stability, its financial standing and the rewards that may be rightly due to the key directors and owner.

The 7 Big Mistakes that Business Owners Unknowingly Make That Cost Them Pure Profit… and Sometimes Even Their Business…And How you Can Avoid Falling Into the Same Trap….

 For Business Owner Managers, Sales Leaders, Directors and those responsible for Business Growth.
Improving Sales Results by Generating More Sales, More Often with Higher Profits
Sales Growth and Business Development Insights to help Sales Leaders and Directors get the sales results they want, need and deserve.


This is a free weekly email newsletter detailing Business Growth  and Sales Improvement Strategies specifically designed  to be quickly scanned by Directors, Sales Leaders and Business Owner Managers.

The insights are easy to implement, effective and well within the capabilities of any organisation.

It’s a briefing designed to alert those interested in Business Growth, addressing some of the key fundamental issues that can reduce a business to a static position when growth is more than achievable.

The Advanced Business Achiever – Weekly Newsletter for Business Growth



For Business Owner Managers, Sales Leaders, Directors and those responsible for Business Growth.
Just 7 Sales Metrics that let you know how your business is performing today, so you can have a better tomorrow
Accurate Relevant Sales Metrics measured in real-time give you the opportunity to pro-actively manage your sales performance while you can still positive impact the outcome

A quick insight into just 7 of the 25 Sales Metric we cover on The Sales Game Changer System.

No-one can change the sales results after the day/week/month has closed. That’s not legally possible.

Which simply means that it’s even more important to get control of the sales results and the sales performance in real time…so you can change the outcomes before they get cast in stone.

Measuring, Managing and Monitoring the right key metrics at the right frequency and taking positive and proactive action is the route to instantly improved sales results.

This free download details just 7 of the 25 Sales Key Metrics and shows you how to make sure you are looking at the right numbers, at the right frequency and how to improve your numbers as part of a continuous sales improvement effort.

Too many sales leaders and business owners look at sales figures and sales performance historically. It’s too late to do anything at this point. Far too late.

Instead accept that as part of sales improvement and ongoing sales review, to measure, manage and monitor key sales metrics while the game is still in play and then you still have the power to change an average sales day into the BEST SALES DAY EVER!!

The 7 Sales Metrics You MUST Measure, Manage and Monitor

For Business Owner Managers, Sales Leaders, Directors and those responsible for Business Growth.
High Level Business Growth Program - Intensive Mentoring for Business and Sales Leaders
The Sales Game Changer System – 90 days to get your business flying

The Sales Game Changer System is THE 90 Day Sales Improvement Plan.

Designed as a high impact intervention to dramatically improve the sales results in your business.

If your sales function exists to break even, is in a rut, plateaued, or losing ground, then this is the intervention for you.

Other signs that your sales function is weakened are:

  • The bulk of your sales are coming from just a few clients.
  • Your average order value is dropping.
  • You are discounting too heavily and can’t stop.
  • You are losing orders to lesser competitors.
  • Your sales team keep telling you ‘the market is tough’
  • The bulk of your work is via tenders.
  • You are offering standard products or services.
  • Your market is highly commoditised and very competitive.
  • Your competitors are going bust (and your market share isn’t growing).
  • Customers are shopping based on price only.

This is a brochure for The Sales Game Changer System which is a Sales Boot Camp we run for those interested in Continuous Sales Improvement. This is a taught workshop and a period of intensive 121 intervention and mentoring over 90 days.

The Sales Game Changer System

For Sales Managers, Sales Directors and Sales Leaders, Business Owners and Managers
For Sales Manager, Sales Leaders, Directors and Business Owners managing sales functions
Sometimes your Sales Team can be the biggest asset or the greatest liability. Here’s what to do when you wish for the former but get the latter.

Nightmare Territory: Hearing the sales team pitch and cringing in horror at what they’re saying!!

Your sales people will either coax your prospects to buy from you or they will leave them as unconvinced.

Even worse, they can occasionally actually alienate the prospect marketplace.

That means trouble.

The sort of trouble you’d probably wish on your biggest competitor.

Read this report and make sure your sales team aren’t using the telephone as a blunt weapon of mass sales destruction with your prospects.

Don’t let your sales team butcher your prospect base…

If You’ve Ever Wished Your Sales Team Would All Go Work For Your Competitor 

For Sales Managers, Sales Directors and Sales Leaders, HR Managers and Sales Recruiters, Business Owners and Managers
How to avoid some of the most common sales recruitment traps
Sales Recruitment is expensive. Sales Recruitment is doubly expensive when it turns out the candidate is less than a perfect match. This report will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls

If you listen to anyone who has ever recruited sales people then you know it’s regarded as a high risk activity.

Not quite up there with sky diving but not far off…here’s a quick guide to what to do to avoid The Twin Syndrome and make sure you come up winning.

It’s estimated that the wrong choice in your new sales recruit can cost you up to 100k in the first three months….that’s straight of your bottom line, PURE PROFIT.

Understand The Twin Theory and you’ll immediately understand how and why you need to take a cold hard look at how you currently recruit and on board your new sales staff.

Beware of the Twins – How to Recruit the Best Sales Talent for Your Business and Minimise the Costly Risks in Your Sales Recruitment Process 


For Business Owner Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Leadership, Marketing Directors
Sales and Business Development Becomes Much easier With Zero Comeptition
How to Remain Competitive in Your Market Space – Supporting your Sales and Business Development Efforts for Improved Sales Performance

Being the same as everyone else sucks.

It really does.

Not because what you offer isn’t great, but because if what you are offering is just the same product and service as is being offered by all of your competitors, then you have no choice about how you price your product/service and you have even less choice about how much profit you make.Fact.

Your market and therefore the buyers in your market won’t let you charge them more for an identical product than the price that your competitors are charging.

So what do you do?

Well, to start with you can download this report and find out how you can move your product and service to a position where you can price your solution based on factors that are not under the control of your competitors…putting you in charge of how much profit you make.

Download your Free Report now using the link Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow…Stop Selling on Price Alone

Now, doesn’t that sound much better that following the crowd?



10 Top Tips – Find out if your Sales Recruit is REALLY as GREAT as their CV Claims!!
Download the FREE report now and find out if your sales recruit is as good as they appear on paper.
Sales Recruitment is a high risk business…unless you know what you’re looking for

You put an advert out for a sales position and you get swamped with CVs. Some of them good, some of them bad, some of them have been written in a haze of something slightly chemical and some of them are just fantastically out of this world.

It’s a mixed bag. Inside that mixed bag is the potential perfect fit for your business. So once you’ve sifted through and you know who you don’t want, here’s the tough bit. You have to work out who you do want to explore options with.

This is where it get’s tricky. Over 70% of CVs have a lie on them. Just the one, but it could be a big one! Who knows? That’s why you need this report. It’ll show you 10 ways you scan sift out the real sales professionals from the sales chameleons.

You’ll discover how to tailor your sales recruitment process so you get the best candidate for you and minimise the costly risks involved in making the wrong decision.

Just click on the link here to get your free copy – straight to your inbox.

10 Top Tips – Find Out If You Sales Recruit is as GREAT as their CV Claims



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