Interim Sales Director

An Interim Sales Director gives you all the benefits of an In-house Sales Director without the salary and benefits package that are normally expected, with the added bonus of you being able to scale their involvement up or down depending on the needs of the business on an ongoing basis.

You Interim Sales Director gives you flexibility, experience, responsiveness and experience – with no commitment and at a fraction of the cost, whether you are a mature business wanting to improve performance or a start up aiming for sensible sustainable growth.

In addition, as the client you get:

  • Experience in how to trouble shoot key issues – under-performance in the sales team, pricing, strategy, building market share, creating sales collateral, driving performance, sales process design and implementation
  • The ability to very quickly spot and resolve bottle necks that are costing you turnover, profit and market share,
  • A thorough and impartial view of your market and your place in it, competitor analysis, gap analysis and market exploitation,
  • Experience of creating, managing and measuring sales performance metrics – vital if your business is measuring the wrong thing or measuring but not using the information to improve performance
  • Insight in to how to deal with low skill/motivation, poor sales processes and sales recruitment, performance management, disciplinary and training
  • A knowledgeable and experienced sounding board about how you can grow your business profitable, sustainably and in the least possible time

Why Use an Interim Sales Director?

More than ever, now is the time that all eyes are on the sales team.

Having the best product and service is still important, and whist your competitors may be out there slashing prices in order to bulk up the order book and maintain cash flow….what are you going to do to make sure you grow without compromising the business you have built?

Let me ask you?

  1. As the business owner, what would you do if you had another 1 or 2 days a week to devote totally to improving your sales efforts and building your business?
  2. How many sales driven/sales improvement projects have you on your desk right now that just need someone with skill, focus, experience and motivation to get those sales projects running in your business?

As an Interim Sales Director/Manager, I work with organisations to:

  • Build solid and qualified sales pipelines that create accurate sales forecasts
  • Increase conversions from leads to sales
  • Increase margin
  • Reduce sales acquisition costs
  • Train, grow and develop sales talent
  • Plug holes in the sales process
  • Design and deliver sales processes that produce without being a drain on the sales team
  • Make the sales process agile, responsive and customer centric
  • Increase conversations
  • Lead new market entry
  • Revise and roll out new pricing structures
  • Increase market share
  • Measure and manage sales performance metrics
  • Drive sales campaigns
  • Reduce lost sales
  • Improve sales focus and direction
  • Coach and mentor for exceptional sales performance
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Build confidence and motivation in the sales team
  • Introduce processes and procedures that enhance the sales effort
  • Construct value added sales propositions
  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Restructure the sales team
  • Build the sales team
  • Performance manage the sales team
  • Design and roll out sales strategy
  • Develop key accounts

And lastly, I give business owners peace of mind.

To suit your changing business needs, short, mid and long term requirements, full-time or part-time, I work on a flexible basis to ensure you get the results you need when you need them.

Contracts are flexible and vary from as little as one day per month to several days per month – the choice is yours.

Organisations have a variety of needs when considering taking on an Interim Sales Director; maybe it is to cover a busy period, to cover a gap whilst they recruit, to drive change for a finite period, to add a short term focus with new product/service launches, to deliver and role out a sales strategy or simply to get out their with the sales team and start bringing in better numbers.

Whatever the reason, prior to engagement we will agree the outputs you are looking for, so you can rest assured your goals will be achieved.

Client Testimonials

Interim Sales Director over a 2 yr period.

Carol Griffiths and her team worked as consultants to my company for almost 2 years.

In that time she;

Established KPI’s for each staff member

Trained their line-managers to monitor and motivate

Performance managed poor performers

Introduced an appraisal system for all staff

Introduced an employee engagement program

Interviewed and selected new management

Re-structured client contracts

Refined operational procedures

I would not hesitate to recommend Carol for any business activity – she has flair and commitment which is rarely matched.

Major BPO

I had the pleasure of working with Carol for 12 months where her contribution and direction helped deliver a double digit growth.

Carol designed and implemented a sales strategy that developed the team that ensured we were targeting the right types of opportunity, delivering the correct pricing strategy and then closing the deal at a success rate of over 80%.

Carol coached the team on a one to one basis, utilised the classroom approach effectively and developed the team by attending prospect meetings.

Her contribution to the success of the business was excellent.

Contact Centre Outsource Company

For a confidential discussion about how your organisation may benefit from this kind of service, please call Carol Griffiths on 0779 002 1885, or 0114 236 1221, or email

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