About Carol Griffiths MBA FInstSMM at Morton Kyle Limited

About Carol Griffiths MBA FInstSMM at Morton Kyle Limited

After working together my clients enjoy:

  • Higher sales conversions
  • Higher turnover
  • Higher prices
  • Greater profits
  • Greater sales opportunities
  • Differentiated sales propositions
  • Full sales diaries
  • An influx of high quality sales prospects into the sales pipeline
  • A robust sales pipeline and sales funnel management process
  • Highly skilled and highly motivated sales staff
  • Positive and accurate sales forecasts
  • Increased market opportunities
  • Niche selling opportunities
  • A more robust pricing structure
  • Weakened competitors
  • Sales audit templates to ensure sales stability and planning
  • A sense of confidence and stability in the sales team and the business’ financial future
  • A turnaround from loss to profit, or increased profits
  • Greater sales productivity
  • Enhanced market position
  • Viable solutions for the management team to work with so as to further boost sales
  • Highly efficient reporting template, maximising key profit driven sales metrics
  • Stronger sales teams

Plus they get a scalable sales model which means they can plug in extra sales people with confidence, knowing that the sales process works effectively, efficiently and profitably.

I am invited to work for an organisation where the business is demonstrating or suffering from:

  • Reduced profits
  • Poor sales performance
  • Poor sales skills
  • Shrinking prices
  • Diminished market share/sales order book
  • Aggressive competition
  • Empty sales pipeline
  • Poor pipeline/sales funnel management
  • Inability to open up new accounts quickly and efficiently
  • Lack of stability and confidence in the sales forecasting
  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • High lost sales percentages
  • Weak sales and marketing
  • Ineffective sales reporting
  • Concentration of business – all eggs in one basket with just a few key, major clients – unstable business position
  • Too many small orders
  • No value added sales propositions
  • Low levels of differentiation
  • Poor focus on profit
  • Low levels of commercial acumen
  • Lack of skill in moving prospects successfully through the sales stages to a profitable close
  • Lack of meaningful management information and sales metrics that drive performance
  • Poor sales coaching skills
  • Questions around the viability of the financial success of the company

Alternatively you may be preparing your company in order to sell and wish to boost the order book before taking it to market.

Why Carol Griffiths

  • Results driven
  • Delivers realistic strategic interventions to ensure swift improvements
  • Coaches at every level to ensure changes in results, behaviours, habits and sales practices
  • Driven by sales metrics that deliver profit and bottom line impact
  • Works with the sales people to open and close business opportunities
  • Explores profitable niches to deliver additional profit
  • Insists on accurate sales forecasts
  • Deals with underlying problems and not just symptoms, therefore delivering long term, sustainable business solutions
  • Profit focussed at all stages in the sales process from feeding the funnel to maximising order value and customer life time value
  • Special interest in creating life changing opportunities for business owners
  • Direct and targeted actions to get profitable results
  • Works with the existing management team to make sure all skills and knowledge is transferred
  • Looks for quick easy wins to stabilise and drive business today
  • Highly practical
  • Works on a consultancy or interim basis

For a confidential discussion regarding any aspect of your sales operation please contact me directly on 0779 002 1885.

Discretion assured.

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