Building Solid Sales Pipelines – Creating Accurate Sales Forecasts

Your Sales Forecast is vital – it dictates cash coming into the business, resources needed, and profit made.

Having an accurate sales forecast is vital to any business. Being able to rely on the validity and accuracy of a sales forecast should be the primary aim of anyone in a sales and business management function.

Due to an overwhelming demand for the following:

Robust Sales Pipelines

Creation and Proactive Management of the Sales Funnel

Accurate Sales Forecasts

Morton Kyle Limited have created a training program/sales workshop designed for anyone in a sales role, specifically for anyone who is responsible for physically delivering an accurate sales forecast generated from a fully qualified pipeline and proactively managed through a heavily gated sales funnel.

Attendees on this course will understand and will develop the practical skill set that will allow them to:

  • Prospect with integrity, will the end in mind
  • Engage prospects in order to quickly asses and validate commercial reasons for continuing contact
  • Qualify prospects based on 7 specific buying criteria
  • Progress the prospect through the sales pipeline
  • Test commitment as the prospect is processed through the gated sales funnel
  • Work within the sales metrics that will guarantee success
  • Consultatively sell based on delivering value and demonstrable ROI

This is an intensive course and is delivered on an in-house bespoke basis only following a review of the sales team, the sales function, historical performance and business expectation.

The program will benefit any business that is suffering from the effects of:

  • Poor sales forecasting
  • Instability in the sales funnel
  • Insufficient leads being progressed through the sales pipeline
  • Low quality sales – low margins
  • Lack of focus on strategic sales pipeline management
  • Long sales cycles
  • High sales acquisition costs
  • High levels of buyers remorse

To discuss how your business and sales team will benefit from this sales and business development program, please contact Carol Griffiths for a confidential chat – 0779 002 1885,

This course is also available to Sales Management Teams as a Train the Trainer course with an addition module specifically dealing with Managing a Sales Team to Exceptional Performance.

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