Skills Development – Sales Management and Sales Leadership

Sales Innovation and Leadership – Available Now

Leading your company, or your sales team, through tough trading times is a rewarding role.

Increasing market share, maximising sales profits, building a healthy sales pipeline and building strong profitable relationships are worthy rewards for those who have the skills and tenacity to conquer adversity and a challenging market.

Achieving these things takes innovation and great leadership.

The challenges are even greater if your company exists the following market conditions:

  • A price driven marketplace
  • A highly commoditised environment
  • A ‘me too’ market where any innovation is quickly copied

They require extra attention and drive, commitment to constant innovation and high levels of responsiveness, coupled with decisive and committed action.

It is for this very reason that we have created Morton Kyle’s Sales Innovation and Leadership Program

Designed specifically for the Senior Management Team including Directors, Function/Department Heads and Operational Leads this workshop is ideal for those organisations seeking to spot light the following aspects of customer acquisition and customer retention:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • New Business Development
  • Customer Relationship Management and Retention

The workshop is split into 6 separate sections, each utilising effective strategies and proactive tools to draw out practical, hands on business development plans that can be rolled out immediately with high levels of accountability and quantifiable outputs at key points.

If your organisation needs to refocus on sales, look at the task of business development strategically and move away from the ‘wing it’ approach, increase margins, motivation, sales activity as well as build a replicable sales model that delivers results then this is a super program to bring the Senior Management Team together.

Alternatively, the workshop can also be tailored for delivery with the sales team only.

We think this Workshop is important to any organisation looking for increased sales.

Why should you attend? Morton Kyle Limited work with many sales led organisations and here are some of the key trends that we have identified in organisations that are not seeing the sales results they require or they deserve:

  • There is no universally understood and consistently employed strategy for client acquisition and retention
  • Poor pipeline activity and management
  • Random targeting of prospects
  • Low levels of innovation in the sales process, proposition or presentation
  • Unable to compete effecively – low levels of competitive advantage
  • Working very hard, but not very smartly
  • Failure to understand what is really been sold to the different markets/prospect groups
  • Poor sales processes
  • Selling on price, or more correctly, selling on discounts
  • Recruiting and retaining poor quality business
  • Poor performance management within the sales team
  • Management by numbers
  • Silo mentality within departments
  • Poor communication between sales and the rest of the business

These are just a few of the issues I encounter.

Some of these may resonate with you; you may be able to add some of your own concerns to the list.

Attending the Workshop will give the key business leaders within your team the opportunity to reflect on the current way of attracting profitable new clients, building loyalty with existing customers, as well as sharing common understanding across this vital business area.

All Workshops are run on an in-house basis and are specifically tailored to the needs of the business.

To book your confidential chat to see how the Sales Leadership and Innovation Workshop would benefit your organisation then call or email Carol Griffiths who will be delighted to discuss your concerns.

Carol Griffiths – Principal and Lead Consultant 

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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