The Sales Improvement Workshop

Sales Training - The Sales Improvement Workshop - Sheffield
Join us at the Sales Improvement Workshop in Sheffield …or hope and pray your competitors don’t!

Sales Training – SHEFFIELD – Booking NOW  – The Sales Improvement Workshop 2016 – JUST £97 plus vat


23rd February 2016

Join us and:

  • Enter into a draw for 6 weeks 121 sales coaching – winner drawn on the day.
  • Buy three tickets and only pay for 2.
  • Plus – a full money back guarantee if you’re not TOTALLY HAPPY with what you learn on the day – no questions asked.

Why Attend The Sales Improvement Workshop Sheffield

  • You want more sales.
  • You want more sales in less time.
  • You want a higher sales conversion rate.
  • You want to hit your sales target every month.
  • You want to reduce stress/work/uncertainty about meeting targets.
  • You want to build a big fat healthy sales pipeline of great sales prospects who want to buy from you.
  • You want to boost your earnings – write your own commission check – every month
  • You want to be a better sales person, recognised as being valuable to your business and the sales industry.
  • You want confidence in knowing you’re working super smart
  • You want increased clarity around how to smash your sales goals
  • You want to be motivated by achieving
  • You recognise that you’re capable of more





The Sales Improvement Workshop is designed for you to generate more sales, higher close rates, better business, more profit, faster and with less objections.

So you get the revenue and bonus rewards you need, you can spend less time panicking about hitting target, you can avoid discounting and, once and for all, get rid of those annoying competitors who just won’t stop ruining your market place.

Join us and receive sales training that will boost your conversions overnight, revitalise your sales thinking and leave you focused and determined to succeed, equipped with all the sales skills you need to make all of your sales dreams come true.

You and I can make this a reality – in just one day!

Just join me and you’ll find out why you’re getting the results you’re getting and what to do about improving your sales success rate.

If you only attend one sales training course this year…


Who Should Attend The Sales Improvement Workshop Sheffield?

The Sales Improvement Workshop is for you if you are new to sales, have been in sales for years, hate sales, love sales, hate sales but are a bit bored, great at what you do but feel your product/service is the best kept secret because you just can’t seem to get your message out there, if you lack motivation, lack clarity, think there must be an easier way to achieve your sales goals…or maybe you’re fighting against low-level competitors who still manage to win business from you.

You should definitely attend if you’re tired of losing business to lesser competitors, fed up with discounting and really, really out of your mind when your prospect says he needs to talk to his colleague, or maybe they want to take another look at the competitor or even thanks for your efforts but we’ll stick we our usual supplier.

You should also come along if you want to revitalise your sales pitch, find profitable new markets and generally start to look at your sales pitch with fresh perspective….and fall in love with your product/service all over again.

It’s especially valuable if you’re getting to the point where you hate selling…why can these prospects not understand how great your product/service is? If you’ve asked yourself that question in the last 30 days then you should book your spot now.

Simply join us, and in one day you’ll find answers to many of the questions you’re struggling with at the moment, and you’ll be able to remove some of those sales hurdles that are restricting you progress, stifling your earnings and killing your drive…

Sales Improvement Training Course Sheffield 
One day to – Create Your Own Competitive and Compelling Sales Pitch, Build a Sales Pipeline of Hungry Prospects and Maximise Your Prices and Your Profits

Priority Book your seats now.

The Sales Improvement Workshop - Sheffield
The Sales Improvement Workshop – Sheffield

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Every business needs to maximise prices and profits. Every business needs a compelling sales pitch.

Whatever your business, whatever your product, whatever your service…you can maximise your prices, your profits, your pitch and your sales pipeline potential.

You just have to deliver one single thing. You need to deliver so much VALUE that it’s literally a no-brainer for your prospect to say YES.

And by value I don’t mean that you have to discount your product, sell it at cost, sell it cheaper than anyone else. Quite the opposite. You need to offer what no-one else in your market is offering…….out of this world, boundary pushing, robust VALUE.

Want to know what that is and what it looks like?

Join us on The Sales Improvement Day and I will personally show you how to close profitable business, what to do to close profitable business, and how to create hungry customers.

All for £97 plus VAT.

To show you how you can do this in your business the day will be split into 5 separate sections:

How to Build Value In Your Sales Pitch
How to Build Value In Your Sales Pitch

Section 1 : What is value and how do you create value in a commoditised and highly competitive market

Section 2 : How to translate that value into a competitive and compelling sales pitch that will help you close sales at a higher rate and with greater profits

Section 3 : How to increase your prices in line with the value you create so that your competitors cease to be competitors, and you create clear blue sky between your business and theirs

Section 4 : How to use your new positioning to identify and develop new markets where your competitors are even less potent

Section 5 : How to build a high volume and high value sales pipeline in order to increase average order values, sales conversion rates and profits.

Once you truly understand how your can create, develop and deliver outstanding VALUE, your business will change. It will change quickly. It will change forever.

Your sales results will change. Your profits will change. How your think about and approach new business development will change.

But most of all, you will be in control of your business, your market and your profits.

Join us on the best date/location for you and find out how you can make 2015 the best sales year yet.

Claim your Priority Booking Rate here:

The Sales Improvement Workshop - Sheffield
The Sales Improvement Workshop – Sheffield

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Make his year the year your business really takes off.

If you are considering what you can do to make sure you get the lion’s share of active prospects buying from you, or thinking about how you’ll dramatically improve sales and create higher levels of energy, motivation and focus in the business, how you can smash sales targets, build a solid, stable and profitable sales pipeline, and finally be the market leader and set the standards that your competitors must rise to meet in your industry, then join us.

Claim your seat now. Spaces are limited due to the high levels of interaction required. The day is ideally suited to those who can make a difference, can affect change in a business and who can roll their sleeves up and get things done.

Your space(s) can be claimed here

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This is an ideal opportunity to bring your sales team up to speed on the changing needs of buyers, what the key demands in the client market place are and how to at least comply with these, whilst aiming to excel in delivering the sales experience that is positive for the company and the buyer.


  • Last year only 54% of sales staff made their sales targets…
  • Customers and prospects are much smarter than to let the first sales pitch turn their head…they are looking for the sales person to deliver something extra…they are searching for a solution that is better than the one they envisaged,they want knowledge, wisdom, expertise, experience and some guaranteed results backed up by super case studies and testimonials
  • The customers and prospects also need to enjoy the sales process…no more sales people verbally vomiting over the prospect and hoping to get the order signed
  • Value for money is still relevant…but that on its own just isn’t enough any more…prospects and customers want a high level of value in the solution outputs, a high level of value in terms of return on investment and a high level of value in the resulting partnership moving forward.
  • Buyers are far more educated in the potential solutions available to them…quite often the sales person is not the most knowledgeable person in the room any more
  • Solution selling is no longer the most effective way to sell, it’s still a great foundation but without the additional insights into buyer behaviour, challenging current thinking and expanding the buyer boundaries then your sales conversion, sales revenue and sales profit will always be far less than they should be.

This matters because sales people can only get so far, there are only so many hours in a day, there are only so many quality prospects, and resources are finite. Wasted sales opportunities will cost your business heavily.

Even more costly when you factor in the reality that every time your sales person fails to convert a prospect to a customer, one of your competitors prospers.

Working smart and creating a sales environment that helps the buyer to buy from you is vital..join us an you’ll find out how to create such value that sales conversions, sales turnover and profits will increase as wastage diminishes and your sales pipeline explodes.

For a very brief insight into what we’ll cover on the day, download our FREE report here – Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow…How to Create a Competitive and Compelling Sales Pitch.

Plus you can also download another great report if you find yourself booking appointments over the telephone – The 6 Step Guide to Generating High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments

Beating the Competition and Building Your Business
How to Remain Competitive in Your Market Space – Supporting your Sales and Business Development Efforts for Improved Sales Performance
How to Generate Telephone Sales Appointments - Made Easy
Generate High Quality Telephone Sales Appointments – Simple 6 Stage Process


Attend and I guarantee that you will discover:

  • How to put clear blue sky between what you’re offering your clients and what your competitors are offering your clients
  • How to create such value that you will be able to clearly differentiate what you offer from your competitors
  • How to avoid The Commodity Trap
  • How the creation of value can yield untold profits using a 5 stage system
  • Three key ways to further maximise your profits using market forces that anyone can use to maximise profits
  • How to build desire in the prospects so they WANT to buy from you NOW
  • 5 ways you can immediately increase sales
  • How to select the correct markets and carve your own niche so you own it
  • How to build a solid and stable, quality AND quantity based sales pipeline
  • How to smash sales targets without increasing the number of sales staff or sales resources
  • How to create powerful and profitable sales networks
  • How to minimise sales wastage and dramatically increase sales productivity

Come and join us on the date/location that works best for you and get your sales year off to a great start.

Grab your Priority Ticket here:

The Sales Improvement Workshop - Sheffield
The Sales Improvement Workshop – Sheffield

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Who Should Attend?

You should attend this workshop is you are a Business Owner Manager, a Sales Leader, a Business Leader or a Sales Performance Manager ….it is important for you to maximise the benefits of attending if you can go back to your business an immediately start implementing the sales and profit boosting techniques we’ll cover on the day.

You are welcome to bring members of your team along, the workshop is highly interactive and you’ll gain great benefit from attending together.

If you have ant questions, queries or require further details, please contact me using the telephone or email below

To your success…..

Morton Kyle Limited.
0779 002 1885

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