Sales Audit

Do you know what’s REALLY happening in your sales team?

How much do you really know about what’s going on behind the scenes in your sales team?

My guess, if you are anything like other Business and Sales Leaders I’ve worked with, is that you know what you are told.

How do I know? Because I’ve worked with thousands of people in the same role/job as you…in fact I used to be you!

The great thing about working with sales teams is their creativity, problem solving, charismatic, engaging, thought-provoking, genuine need to deliver what the customer needs, wishes for and demands…and sometimes even more.

One of the worst things about working with sales team is they will achieve all of the above in their own special, individual and specific way which may change depending on what day of the week it is and what they think is best at the time.

None of that is especially bad news – when everyone is smashing targets, turnover and profits are stable and on a steady upward swing and clients all love you.

What happens when that’s not the case though?

Bottom line is – as recently supported in research into the difference between world-class sales teams and the also rans – having a sales process that delivers, that is adhered to, that has supporting metrics that can be measured, managed and used to predict the future is vital to the growth and success of any business.

This has been known for a while – and still firms believe that a semi ad hoc sales process is the route to fame and fortune – it’s not.

Plus – one of the easiest ways to increase sales and business performance is to look at the following:

  • Eliminate all the processes and procedures in your business that do not deliver value – you would be surprised how many steps your sales team are currently taking that deliver absolutely zero value to the customer – but soak up time, money, manpower, energy and focus…and in some instances actually delay the sale being made.
  • Smooth, agile, focussed and targeted sales activities yield results. Those results can be measured. If the results can be measured then they can be managed to a higher level. If they can be managed to a higher level, you are looking at a sales system that you have full control of. Without this control you have a high reliance on luck and hope. Plus, you will struggle to deliver consistency of results, performance and profits. And you can forget about rolling out best sales practice across your team – impossible task.

If you are serious about improving sales performance, then creating a Sales System is a must.

But first you need to know what’s happening now, what’s not happening, where your results and profit is coming from and where your sales resources are expended.

You can download our FREE REPORT on The 7 Sales Metrics You Must Measure, Monitor and Manage – it will begin to give you some insight into where your sales performance is at the moment and some further insights into how to improve it.

Why Commission a Sales Audit?

A sales audit gives everyone peace of mind. As a Manager, Director or Owner of a business you know what goes on in that business, the sales audit will tell you what REALLY goes on.

I use a very specific set of metrics to establish the sales performance of your business against what the sales performance should ideally be, as well as looking at the structure, proposition, pricing, route to market, personnel, reporting/management information, decision making…in fact everything up to the customer interface.

In some instances, our clients will have a very clear understanding of the issues to be addressed, in certain instances the initial diagnostic will prove to be correct, in other instances things are a little more complex and the perceived problems are masking the real issues.

It is important, prior to undertaking any intervention, to ensure that the solutions address the right issues in the correct manner, this removes the risk of seeing a counter affect, a costly mistake in both time and money.

Additionally, an independent audit of your sales process, people, customer attraction/retention strategy and performance can provide a wealth of unbiased information to rubber stamp the positive whilst raising some interesting questions regarding improvements.

Sales Audit

Our sales audit will give you an independent insight into what is happening in your sales and business development function. You can use our standard audit or we can design a specific audit to address specific sales issues within your business.

This may include:

  • Review of all sales activities
  • Review of all sales skills
  • Historical sales analysis
  • Competitor Overview
  • Basic sales metrics analysis
  • Variance against budgeted targets
  • Lost sales analysis
  • Prospecting and pipeline activity review
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales team reporting
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Sales leakage analysis
  • Pricing Review
  • Psychometric test for everyone in the sales team – including managers and team leaders

What do You Receive in Your Sales Audit?

You will receive a comprehensive report, action plan and to do list  plus an opportunity to sit down and discuss this in-depth with a Senior Consultant. We will also do a hand over with your senior management team to identify key areas of concern and action.

Then we let you decide what you want to do. Some clients will have the internal resources to address the identified issues, whilst others will need a greater degree of support. This is your choice.

What Does This Mean?

We work with organisations that want to grow – need to grow – want to exceed target – increase market share – increase profit – raise finance or maybe just want to become more efficient in doing what they do.

If you feel you need additional help to ensure you address any issues that are preventing your sales team from achieving targets then we can discuss the type of support your business will need.

No-one wants to work hard to stay still. Our clients are no different, they are looking for game changing sales solutions to dramatically improve sales performance.

Recent projects have included:

  • Pipeline Creation and Management
  • Creation and Management of Sales Pipeline/Sales Funnel to Create Accurate Sales Forecasts
  • Designing and Rolling Out a New Pricing Strategy
  • Design of Sales Balanced Scorecard and Sales Metric Template
  • Design/Delivery of Value Added Sales Propositions
  • Design of a New Profit Focussed Reward And Recognition Model
  • Consultative Field Sales Training
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell Training
  • Product Sales Training and the Creation of Sales and Marketing Collateral
  • Sales Strategy for New Business Development into New Market Sectors
  • Assessment, Redesign and Coaching to Improve Staff Recruitment
  • Creation of Sales Collateral and Presentation Packs

Why Morton Kyle Limited?

We work with you to deliver what you need – not what we think you need. That way you get the results you want, we retain you as an excellent client…… we achieve our mutual business goals.

You may want to ensure that your sales division is operating at maximum efficiency, that they are as stream line and as agile as you can be, that they serve the customer well, that prospects are being managed appropriately, alternatively you may be looking for a step change in the financial performance of your business or preparing to sell the business….whatever your circumstances a sales audit delivers all the information you need to start making some decisions about where to go. A sales audit is your sales road map.

We don’t give you endless chatter – we design solutions that work for you.


St John Ambulance, Begbies Traynor Group, Irwin Mitchell, Ant Marketing Limited, Zenith Provecta Limited, RSPB, The Interim Register, Chesterfield College, all recent clients. Also Royal and Sun Alliance, Wall Street Journal, NFU Mutual, National Packaging Group plc, HSBC, Inchcape Motors Retail Limited, NSPCC, Derbyshire Building Society…..

Fees – depending on the number of people in the sales team.

To book – call Carol on 0114 236 1221 or 0779 002 1885 or email

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