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Your £1,263,045 Question

According to the UK recruitment specialist the average salary for a sales person working in 2015 was £36,087. £36,087 takes account of the Sales Director salary and the inbound sales professional at the other end of the scale….so it covers all levels, as it should, since today’s inbound sales executive is tomorrow’s Sales Director (occasionally it… Continue reading Your £1,263,045 Question

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How to Build Value in Your Sales Pitch

If you’re able to build sufficiently high levels of perceived value in the eyes of your Buyer then your chances of securing the order increase dramatically. If that’s not enough for you then let me share some of the other great things that happen when you forget about selling and concentrate on creating and delivering… Continue reading How to Build Value in Your Sales Pitch

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How to REALLY Make a Positive Difference to Sales Results

Business leaders do all sorts of things to prop up a failing sales and business development team. All sorts of things. Many of them costly. Some of them risky. Sometimes both. A new CRM system with higher level of functionality, a bigger suite of reports and a more intuitive interface won’t improve your sales team….but… Continue reading How to REALLY Make a Positive Difference to Sales Results

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Will You Meet My Brother for Coffee?

My brother’s new in town and he wants to meet new people, would you mind having a coffee/beer with him…he doesn’t know anyone, he’s been away from people for a while and he’s desperate to share his stories, and he’s kind of still to find his feet…you’d be doing me such an enormous favour…please? I owe… Continue reading Will You Meet My Brother for Coffee?

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Do you Still Think Sales is a Zero Sum Game?

Conventional thinking in sales growth is this: If you want a bigger market share for your business then you have to take away sales from someone else…your competitors. Ok, that’s one way. That way leads to reduced pricing, highly competitive and costly marketing/positioning and aggressive selling…it’s a race to the bottom. You’ll have seen it… Continue reading Do you Still Think Sales is a Zero Sum Game?