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New Business Development Strategy – Time to Think Again?

There are over 70 strategies that support new business development. Some will suit your business, others wont. Some will be perfect for you if you’re in a continual price war, some will be better designed to work out how you take control of your market via innovation. Whatever your sales and business performance is at the… Continue reading New Business Development Strategy – Time to Think Again?

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Don’t Create Competitors – Create Wannabes

Creating sustainable competitive advantage has to be one of the key aims of any profitable organisations. Creating a product or service that – whatever the competitors attempt to do – will always remain the leader of the pack. Lots of time, money, effort, brain power and research goes into identifying key elements of the offering… Continue reading Don’t Create Competitors – Create Wannabes

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So You Think You Know Your Sales Team?

There are typically two truths: 1. What happens 2. What everyone thinks happens My guess is reality sits somewhere in between the two. Does this matter? Of course it matters, but in some cases it matters a lot less than others. Does it matter in a sales environment? Well that depend on whether your organisation… Continue reading So You Think You Know Your Sales Team?