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Your £1,263,045 Question

According to the UK recruitment specialist the average salary for a sales person working in 2015 was £36,087. £36,087 takes account of the Sales Director salary and the inbound sales professional at the other end of the scale….so it covers all levels, as it should, since today’s inbound sales executive is tomorrow’s Sales Director (occasionally it… Continue reading Your £1,263,045 Question

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Managing Poor Sales Performance

When you recruited people into your sales team you must have seen something that convinced you that they would be a valuable asset to the team. Like many situation, most sales results fit the Bell Curve, in that most of your team will be hitting target, a few will be missing their target, and a few will… Continue reading Managing Poor Sales Performance

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Declining Sales? Don’t Do This!!

Picture the scene; Some eight months ago I was working with a client who had seen a decrease in sales revenues over the preceding 18 months, and having tried everything they could think off the Board had invited me in to have an informal chat about what they might look to do next, in order to scope… Continue reading Declining Sales? Don’t Do This!!