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Change is Inevitable…

And that’s when the penny dropped…so we packed up and all went out for Chinese food and a few beers. A good night was had by all. The day didn’t start like that though. A client I’d worked with before had called me up a few weeks before to say they wanted to increase their… Continue reading Change is Inevitable…

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Will You Meet My Brother for Coffee?

My brother’s new in town and he wants to meet new people, would you mind having a coffee/beer with him…he doesn’t know anyone, he’s been away from people for a while and he’s desperate to share his stories, and he’s kind of still to find his feet…you’d be doing me such an enormous favour…please? I owe… Continue reading Will You Meet My Brother for Coffee?

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Sales Training – Techniques and Ideas

Sales Training is a minefield. There is a school of thought suggesting that typically the person that learns most during the conventional stand and tell style sales training session is actually the sales trainer. I’m inclined not to disagree entirely with this. During any sales training, teaching someone how to sell consistently, sell professionally and… Continue reading Sales Training – Techniques and Ideas