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What’s your Sales Pitch Worth?

Yes, what’s your sales pitch worth? Not your product, your sales pitch… the value of your sales pitch in line with the value of your offering? Let me explain – the risks involved in selling something valued at and costing 99 pence are marginal, therefore the effort put into selling that product can be equally… Continue reading What’s your Sales Pitch Worth?

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Value Based Selling – why aren’t you using it?

Resistance to value based selling and pricing has little to do with costs…and everything to do with trust and understanding. In a recent study amongst suppliers of services, 79% of respondents said they were treated like Partners yet paid like Suppliers…is this how you clients treat you? Would you like to change their perception and… Continue reading Value Based Selling – why aren’t you using it?

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Avoiding the Price Trap

All sales people will walk straight into the Price Trap at one time or another. On reflection, most sales people will know what they should have done to avoid it….but does that improve their performance next time? Rarely, in my experience, and this is why. A sales person is chasing a sale, a signature, an… Continue reading Avoiding the Price Trap