The Business Game Changer System

Claim your FREE REPORT HERE The 7 Big Mistakes that Business Owners Unwittingly Make that Costs them Pure Profit and Sometimes Even Their Business….and How You Can Avoid the Same Traps

7 Big Front Facing Cover

This is choc full of insights – over 40 ways in which you can build your profits NOW, TODAY.


Because I am tired of seeing businesses failing to achieve the profit and turnover they want, need and deserve!

I’ve researched, studied and analysed businesses and the differences between successful profitable businesses and those that can barely cover their costs.

You want to know what I found?

It’s all in this report that you can download NOW for FREE. It’s all yours, delivered immediately to your inbox – click here

Reading this report you will immediately see why some businesses struggle and others fly….and if you’ve ever looked at your competitors and wondered what they are doing that you’re not – you’ll gain some insight into help you understand that to.

Discover the difference between profitable and unprofitable businesses, understand why most businesses attract the worst type of customer and what to do about it, get tough on deciding how your business should be run, and uncover why your competitors are having a better time than you are.

The book’s designed to help you to generate your own to do list. PLUS there is another FREE GIFT embedded in the report – that’s for you to find, they are in short supply so it’s first come first served. So, there’s a reason to get your skates on.

If you have any questions at all – just call 0779 002 1885 and I’ll be happy to help.


I created The Business Game Changer System because I couldn’t cover everything I needed to tell the struggling Business Owners, CEOs, Directors and Investors everything they needed to know, to do, think about, change and how to do it all….. in one single report.

Instead, and for the last few years I have been doing this via specific client contracts in Business Performance Improvement, Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and ad hoc turnarounds.

Now – via The Business Game Changer System – I have bought all that knowledge together. All the remedies that business leaders need to start thinking about and implementing in order to see the profits they want, need and deserve.

Click here to receive information in your inbox regarding some of what we cover during our time together.

If you are wondering if you COULD improve your profits, and where to START to begin to make that happen, then this program may just be for you.

Limited spaces….There are only 10 spaces per program and it runs only twice per year due to the commitment I give to the attendees, their businesses, their success.

If you have any questions at all – just call 0779 002 1885 and I’ll be happy to help.

In case you are wondering if this program is for you, let me share with you some of the findings from the last 20 years of helping business grow….

Well, you know how one of the biggest issues faced by businesses is lack of certainty, it can be lack of certainty in orders coming through, lack of certainty in being able to meet bank and supplier commitments, lack of certainty in being able to maintain current performance, lack of certainty as to whether there will actually be a business in 12 months…and if so what shape will it be in.

Well, if you’re in business then you know that’s an exhausting, fearful and dangerous place to be.

It’s the wrong place to occupy if you want to think clearly, make decisive decisions, and create a space for meaningful action.

That’s like asking Mo Farah to run his best time during an earthquake where the earth is shifting minute by minute, food and water are in scant supply and he can see injured bodies all around – it’s just not going to happen is it?

Yet why do you expect that you can steer your business into greater profits, greater turnover under similar conditions? To steer your company into calmer and more certain waters whilst you are fighting the daily reality of running a business that’s not giving you the returns you want?

It’s during the most uncertain times that having a steady guide, a sounding board, and experienced business performance improvement person and team onside can make the difference between long-term uncertainty and lack of focus, direction and action and an effective plan, laser focus on the issue and dramatic action to resolve the issues.

Well, The Business Game Changer System is designed to help you address exactly those instances in both a group and 121 private mentoring sessions.

Whether you are a business that is looking to turn loss to profit, increase your existing profits, enter new markets, increase turnover, create competitive advantage or simply want to become your own business performance auditor and trouble shooter…then you should join us.

Download the FREE REPORT – The 7 Big Mistakes……. and make that your to do list – there are over 40 ways you can start changing your business performance now – it will create your ‘to do’ list for you as you read through it….if you still feel you would benefit from additional help, insight and 121 coaching then call 0779 002 1885 to book your free consultation call.

To your success…


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